4CSQL - CMMS Software

4CSQL CMMS is a client-server system that was developed to provide the simplest, yet a robust and reliable maintenance management system. Many users enjoy 4CSQL in a single facility, however it also offers for multiple sites and can be centrally installed and operated with Citrix or Windows Terminal Server.

4CSQL CMMS uses four levels of hierarchy to organize your facilities, and the assets within (Plant, Department [or Site], Section, and Location). This allows for storing of records based on Departments (or Sites) and Sections, as well as an enhanced material/parts management module to manage your spare parts across multiple stock areas. Once you’ve started with 4CSQL, your team will be able to manage and filter records related to assets, locations, employees and work orders by the above mentioned entities, providing useful reports with ease. 4CSQL cmms supports many languages (multilingual cmms software).

4CSQL CMMS software is developed by 4C Systems llc and is sold worldwide with support being managed from our US and Australia offices. We look forward to working with you. "Your productivity is our priority!"

4CSQL Popular Features

  • Multi-site organization capable
  • Control User Access Permissions
  • Multilingual – 4CSQL supports many languages
  • Custom re-labeling of fields
  • Work Request management
  • Digital Work Request System
  • Multi-Store Materials Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Support Multiple currency
  • Print PO w/ Base or Foreign Currency
  • Time-based PM Scheduling
  • Meter/Condition PM Creation
  • 66 Insightful Pre-Built Reports
  • Supports Creation of Custom Reports
  • User Access - by site or multiple sites
  • Licensing by concurrent user, server or site
  • “Export to Excel” widely available
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4CSQL CMMS Software - Implementation plan

Data Extraction and Data Quality Checks

Collection and compilation of data into the required formats. Company XYZ should provide the data in softcopies to enable efficient data migration. Typical data includes;

Supplier register

  • Asset / Employee Register
  • Asset / Equipment register
  • Preventive checklists and tasks
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Materials / Inventory register

Data Importing INTO 4CSQL

Verified and finalized data shall be imported into the 4CSQL database using Microsoft SQL data importing features and append queries.

Testing With DATA IN 4CSQL 

The finalized system with the imported masters’ data shall be tested and presented to the client for validation and approval. Further modifications to the system shall be made if required.

4CSQL User Training

User training shall be conducted according to the following target audience.

User Champion / System Administrator – comprehensive training on all modules and administration of the system.

Daily Users – This training will provide an overview of the system in order to give users a basic understanding.

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